A company founded on good food and quality taste. Whether it's meal preps or catering your favorite events, we have you covered.


Rafael Medina is a self-taught professional culinary Chef that has maintained a passion for food from an early age, which is when he also learned the relationship between cooking wholesome meals and bonding with family.


01Meal Prep

Meals prepped for you

In need of a meal accompaniment to go along with your specific dietary needs or fitness regimen? We specialize in putting together meal preps, based on your dietary needs to take the ease out of wondering what meals will compliment your workout plans.

02Event Catering

Meals ready to go

We will work closely with you to plan out your menu that is personalized to your event. For office meetings, we ca n create a menu from a selection of hot/cold buffet, sandwiches or signature lunch boxes.

03In Home Dining

Hire a Chef

Don't have time to prep your meals for the week or prefer meals prepared in the comfort of your home? We can create a menu based on you and your family's needs.

04Daily One Plates

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